Essay olfactory and tasting

Scent of olive and forest, slightly pungent herbs, exotic fruit, artichoke and spices. Bitter and spicy taste balanced with each other with fruity, enhanced by hints of green almond.

Serving Suggestions: vegetable salads, pasta garlic olive oil and pepper, dip, bruschetta, tasty soups, red meat, lentils, beans, roasted mushrooms.


Essay olfactory and tasting

Aroma of olives, herbaceous, slightly pungent, scent of herbs, unripe almond taste, artichoke, spicy, bitter, balanced, floral notes.

Serving Suggestions: salads, soups, bruschetta, pasta dishes, fish -flavored, velvety chickpeas and/or celery, omelettes with artichokes, asparagus.


Essay olfactory and tasting

Scent of olive, herbaceous, slightly pungent, sweet almond taste, slightly spicy and bitter aftertaste, floral and apple notes.

Serving Suggestions: delicate dishes and subtle aromatic notes. Delicate fish and steamed as sole or plaice. In the preparation of sweets and ice cream, in risotto, in the preparation of mayonnaise, salad of barley, velvety pumpkin and leek, weaning babies, for all those who love delicate flavors.

Our oil is produced from olives grown organically on our farm of 30 acres at 450mt above sea level on the hills between Umbria and Tuscany.


The installation of 6 hectares of olive grove was planted in 1998 on the basis of a project which planned to obtain the mono-varietal oils derived from cultivars typical of the area : MORAIOLO , FRANTOIO, LECCINO.

The olives are harvested by hand, to the right degree of ripeness , from the middle of October.


STP83280The olives are pressed the same day at the nearby mill that uses the method of extraction is still cold (processing temperature not exceeding 27 degrees) so:

  • the excellent geographical location and climate that reduce pest attacks
  • the separation of the cultivars which allows the collection of the same staggered to achieve the right level of maturity for each variety
  • harvesting by hand that respects the integrity of the plant and the olive
  • certified organic cultivation and traced, crop care constants ( rational pruning , fertilizing , organic soil management )
  • the method of cold extraction within 24 hours of collection
  • care in storing oil away from sources of heat , direct sunlight and oxygen

All of the above said helps to make our organic olive oil a product of high nutritional value and taste, rich in polyphenols, low acidity and low peroxide value.

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